Yokohama Dance Parade


Yokohama Dance Parade as the opening event will be a brilliant boost to the Dance Dance Dance @ Yokohama festival!

During the weekend a variety of dancers are coming to Yokohama!
In Nihonodori there will be an amazing dance show produced by Ryouhei Kondo, a popular choreographer from the CONDORS Dance Company.
Let's dance together!
We also have 2 special guests, Denpa Gumi Inc and World Order, for Saturday and Sunday's finale.



A greeting from the Mayor of Yokohama

Our triennial dance festival will arrive again this summer.
The “STARS” will be the people and the “STAGE” will be Yokohama. 1.25 million people attended the festival 3 years ago, Yokohama city was coloured with dance. This impressive dance festival in Yokohama is coming back.

’Dance Dance Dance @ YOKOHAMA ‘ will take place once again even more substantially this summer. Dance Dance Dance @ YOKOHAMA will begin with the ‘Yokohama Dance Parade’.
An exciting variety of dances such as street, social and bon odori, that anyone can join, will appear on 15 streets and stages in Yokohama.

Over approximately 2 months we have about 200 programmes, which include performances by top artists, citizen participation programmes to feel the joy of dance, workshops for kids by professional dancers to develop kids sensitively and imaginary. Arts and culture have a power to foster sensitively, connect people, and create vitality in the city.
Yokohama has been taking advantage of arts and culture to help create and develop a vibrant city. We would like to share with you through dance, which can express individual emotion and opinion physically through music and rhythm, beyond the language barrier, generation and national borders.

You are the “STARS” of ‘Dance Dance Dance @ YOKOHAMA 2015’. Please enjoy this exciting dance festival. I look forward to seeing you at the event.

The Mayor of Yokohama
Fumiko Hayashi

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